Hi! I’m Ryan and I am a senior at Boston University, studying International Relations. My interests include but are not limited to global affairs, foreign policy, culture, environment and development, and education.

As the title suggests, I am from Guam. I was raised on the island but was born in the Philippines. All my life I’ve wanted to experience something vastly different from the home I was used to. That desire was finally satiated on August 2012, when I boarded a plane en route to Boston, which would be my home for the next four years and possibly even more. Moving to the fast-paced city of Boston from the small, downtempo island of Guam fostered a substantial but welcome change in my person.

Sometimes I think I must have been out of my mind deciding to hop on a plane and travel halfway across the world to attend college. It’s daunting. But that’s what I did, and I don’t regret it.

The purpose of this blog is simple: to write about my adventures, experiences, and opinions as I navigate my way through college and adult life 8,000 miles away from home. With my chronicles, I hope to have a record I can assess myself with, to remind myself of what is valuable to me and what I hope to accomplish and achieve within my remaining moments in college.


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