It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything quite tangible in the sense of an update. Many of my recent posts are nothing but emotions regurgitated during the heyday of a major life transition.

College. Closing that chapter was unsurprisingly difficult and morose. When I first started receiving acceptance letters nearly five years ago, I thought about the privilege I was gifted. The admittance letters coupled with the scholarship amounts I was given were enough to grant me a ticket out of Guam. Probably, perhaps, for the first time in my life, I felt that anything was possible. I’ve seen many movies, read tons books of books that constantly reflected this message of opportunity for those determined enough to achieve their own version of success but I considered them trivial. They were fantasy anyway. Fiction. I never considered myself in that regard.

I graduated from Boston University last May, and in the months leading up to my final march as an undergraduate clad in a scarlet gown, I wished that time would slow down. Maybe, even quite maniacally, hoped for some deus ex machina to intervene, as if I were in those books that told me of events and people unreal.

I am graduated. I am done. And I promise to write less about my time then. Those years were one of the best period of my life, but if I want to move forward, I should not dwell in the ghosts of my past, no matter how much they made me happy, how much I am changed because of the people I’ve connected with or the events that I’ve gone through.

From now on, I’ll talk about the present. I will write about my plans for my future. I move onwards from here.