Paris, what a dream.

I hosted a dear friend–who also happens to be my little–tonight for dinner. Along with the spring rolls and the vanilla chai pancakes (mmm) I made for dessert, we watched one of my favorite films of all time, one that I truly can never tire of even if I tried: The Devil Wears Prada. : )

I can’t recall when I last saw the film, though it was probably back home in Guam on FX, so it was comforting to say the least to follow Andy on her journey again.

There was one particular scene that struck me, which my friend brought to my attention. Although I love the film, I usually daze out of it when Andy and Miranda fly to Paris. This is what happened: as the camera panned on the sights of the Parisian streets, architecture, and people, she commented that I will soon be there to take it all in with my own senses.

It struck me then how close I am to leaving for Europe for the very first time: three weeks. I’ve read about, heard about, and seen so much of not only Paris, but also the other grand cities in the continent. To think that I will be there soon, to see places that I’ve only gotten to experience through the pages of the book or the flickering of a screen, is quite unbelievable.

Europe, I can’t wait.