Fight or Flight

I hate making decisions as indecisiveness is my biggest vice. Despite my anxiety, I feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunity of choice, because having options is a privilege often taken for granted. Never in my life did I think the option to study abroad in Geneva would be possible for me, but here it rests, in my hands. Man, am I glad, even though I know I’ll look back to this moment and wonder why I chose one over the other. Thank you to everyone who plays an instrumental role in blessing my life with happiness I cannot fathom to achieve on my own.


As ambitious as we are, it’s inevitable that we stumble upon roadblocks along the way. I thrive when I succeed, but I also believe that there’s a level of honor and grace in acceptance of the unattainable, that time asks me to be patient for a moment longer, that the universe has my best interests in mind. Maybe not now or soon, but eventually.