Sophomore year thus far

The second week of school has just ended and I’ve already written a good amount of essays, taken miles of notes, sat through many club meetings, introduced myself to more people than I can count, and responded to an absurd amount of emails. Although overwhelming at first, I’m getting quite used to the routine of college life. On top of taking 18 credits this semester, I am committed as an executive board member of two separate student clubs and as a student employee.

While my course load is definitely much more demanding than those of my previous semesters, I think I’ve eased into it quite well. When I was a freshman, I came into the college scene with the conviction that I will excel in my classes just like I did in high school. While that is without a doubt a positive outlook, it made me arrogant; because back in high school, I was a scholar. I would get A’s on homework I would complete literally ten minutes before it’s due. High school was never a struggle for me. So, when I completed my first month in college as a freshman, I saw how far I have fallen, both in my grades and in my spirit.

I hate the feeling of failure, which is why this year will be different than the last.

For the nine days that I’ve had classes, I went to sleep way past midnight, refusing to shut my eyes until I’ve made sure that all my assignments were complete and that every single syllable of required reading was read. I’ve drunk an unhealthy amount of coffee both in the morning and late at night, which has kept me jittery and is probably the reason why I still feel slightly jet-lagged despite having flown into Boston nearly two weeks ago.

On a more positive note, I am absolutely in love with my classes, which adds to the reason why I’m able to manage them excellently. When you’re pursuing your interests in academics, you’ll find that work rarely feels like work at all.

Originally written on September 14, 2013