Philippines soon

In a couple of hours, I’ll be on a plane bound to the Philippines. I haven’t been there in about a year and even then, I only stayed for a mere day because I was en-route to Jakarta, Indonesia for a competition. But this time around, there’s no competition to win; this trip will solely be a time for family, reacquaintance, and rediscovery.

It was the summer of ’07 when I was last in the Philippines for vacation. Although I enjoyed my time there, I mostly channeled my attention on superficialities like shopping or going out. Now I’m a little wiser and ever curious about Filipino culture, something that I was barely interested in up until my freshman year in college. The prospect of exploring the Philippines and learning more about its history, culture, people, and politics will without a doubt help me get to know more about myself and uncover what it is I want to do with my life. Culture, global affairs, and humanitarian efforts have always been interests of mine, so I’m excited to see how this trip will pan out.

Wish me luck.